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Friday, January 29, 2010

Basic Bases - Greasepaint Sticks

Hi guys!

I'm gonna start up a little series here for you baed around Bases! It'll include some of my favourites as well as new ones as I try them out.

My favourite Base right now is the Greasepaint Stick from M.A.C. These are fantastic products when used with a primer. They slide on beautifully and make a nice base when applied and then blended out with a stiff brush. I often use a concealer brush to spread the product over my eyelid.

Unfortunately, these products were limited edition with certain collections. There was a simple "Black" colour released with the Style Black collection by M.A.C., which was the first I picked up. Then the colours "V" and "B" were released with the Dsquared2 collection about a month later. I currently own Black and B and love them both.

These products cause shadows to pop very vibrantly and are a little thicker and easier to spread and work with than traditional M.A.C. shadesticks. They also come with a wonderful little sharpener on the bottom of the stick. You simply pull where it shows the colour and and there is a plastic sharpener that will give you that fine point again as opposed to the round nub you will develop with use.

Jump past the break for info on new Greasepaint Sticks!

I am very excited that M.A.C. has entered the Greasepaint foray with these and am looking forward to the release of eight more with the Art Supplies collection in April of 2010. The colours and descriptions below are the Greasepaint Sticks being released. This information was found on Temptalia.

Greasepaint Stick ($17.50 U.S. / $21.00 CDN)

  • Greengrease Blackened forest green (Limited Edition)
  • Zinc Zone Dark gunmetal (Limited Edition)
  • Slick Black True carbon black (Limited Edition)
  • Dirty Blackened taupe with pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Brown, Now Blackened burgundy (Limited Edition)
  • Below Ground Blackened bronze (Limited Edition)
  • Uniformly Blue Blackened navy (Limited Edition)
  • Charred Mauve Blackened violet (Limited Edition)

So I'm definitely looking forward to the release of these new shades and I hope M.A.C. will have the proper idea of making these items permanent.