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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Review - About Face Cosmetics

Hey guys!

I'm gonna do a quick little review for you today on About Face Cosmetics. It's a little late coming, but I feel the need to let you guys know about them. 

Now, About Face Cosmetics is apparently shutting down now. This comes with good reason. I highly suggest avoid purchasing from them in their closing sale. Although the prices may seem enticing, the quality is extremely poor. 

I purchased three shadows from the company last year. The orders were placed in late October upon suggestion from my friend Kayla (Go Subscribe, people! She's amazing) at seeing some swatches that reminded her of the Style Black items from M.A.C., which she knew I was a big fan of. 

Three weeks passed and I received no shipping notification, no communication to confirm the order, nothing. However, the funds for the purchase were removed from my bank account by Pay Pal for the purchase. I emailed the company and they said they had no record of my order, even after giving them an order number.

I then emailed them back and told them what I had ordered, when, and told them I would raise a dispute with PayPal if they wouldn't provide the items. They did not email me back. Two weeks later, I received a mass email from them saying that there was a mess up and they were reshipping orders and we should get ours soon. They also said they were going to provide tracking numbers. Which never happened. 

So the long and short of this is that I received the items almost 2 months late, in Mid-December. When I received the items, they were poorly packed with no bubble wrap in a plain envelope. One of the shadows had an extremely loose lid which cause shadow everywhere in the package. 

When I tried the shadows out, I was very disappointed. They had poor pigmentation, excessive fallout and did not blend worth anything. I tried for a week to use them and found they were horrid shadows. When I asked About Face about returns, I was told no returns are ever accepted due to 'hygiene issues.' 

So, in my opinion, I suggest avoiding About Face Cosmetics in their close out sale. While they may be cheap, the price reflects the quality of the products.