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Monday, February 8, 2010

~Pigment Collection & Swatches~ Part 1 - Full Size Jars

Hey Guys! 

I decided to do blog post for all of the swatches since it's a much higher quality than just looking at them in a YouTube video. So jump past the break for the high quality detailed photos! 

Part 1 will focus on my full sized Jars
Part 2 will focus on my holiday vials

(Warning: This post is SUPER Image Heavy! If you have a slow connection, it's gonna be a pain!)

So the basic format for this is gonna run with a picture of the jar/vile and then the picture of the swatches below that. On the left is just a swatch, and on the right is the foiled swatch. So enjoy!  Click the images to see a HUGE picture! 

Permanent = Available from M.A.C. as part of the Permanent Line. All Pigments are now 4.5 Gram Jars as opposed to 7.5 Gram jars. Permanent sizes are 4.5
LE = Limited Edition. These colours were released with collections and are/were only available for a limited time. Some may still be available via M.A.C.'s site.
PRO Permanent = These colours are available as part of the permanent line only available to PRO Card holders. These items are also 4.5 Gram jars now. Any of these items that I have will have been release as part of a collection and that collection will be noted as well. 

Violet Pigment 7.5 Gram Jar (Permanent) 
Left - Dry, Right - Foiled

Push The Edge Pigment 7.5gr Jar (LE - Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection)

Fuschia Pigment 7.5gr Jar (Permanent) 

Heritage Rouge Pigment 7.5gr Jar (PRO Permanent, Purchased with Makeup Art Cosmetics) 

Shimmertime Pigment 7.5gr Jar (LE - Holiday 2009 Naughty Noir Eyebag)

Cocomotion Pigment 7.5gr Jar (LE - Rushmetal Collection)

Frozen White Pigment 7.5gr Jar (Permanent) 

Milk Pigment 7.5gr Jar (LE - Hello Kitty)

Bell-Bottom Blue Pigment 7.5gr Jar (LE - Naughty Nauticals) 

Universal Mix Pigment 4.5gr Jar (LE - All Ages All Races All Sexes)

Rich Life Pigment 4.5gr Jar (LE - All Ages All Races All Sexes)

Stay tuned for Part 2 - Holiday Vials! Leave your love (or questions)  in the comments. <3