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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Basic Bases - Waterproof Eyeshadows

Hey guys,

Here's the second post in Basic Bases! This is coverage on GOSH's Waterproof Eyeshadows. These are basically GOSH's answer to stick eyeshadows. I've got six of them in various colours.

From left to right...

  • Love That Violet! - A light, rich purple that goes on sheer enough to be a soft base or an excellent highlight for smokey purple eyes. 
  • Love That Copper! - A rich, true metal-looking copper colour that works beautifully as a metallic base for darker looks.
  • Love That Mint! - A proper mint colour that works for soft, light green looks. 
  • Love That Dolphin! - A gentle blue that works wonderfully under both light and dark blue looks. 
  • Love That Purple! - A deep purple that works beautifully as a base for darker purple looks.
  • Love That Platinum! - A rich silver with a true metallic sheen to it. Works wonderfully for those more avante garde looks.
These shadows are fantastic bases. They work wonderfully for lasting power and adding enough pigment under powder shadows to help make them pop. I've found they don't crease if you use a primer underneath them. However they do have a couple hours lasting power without a primer as well. 

The Waterproof Shadows don't apply too thickly and are creamy enough that you don't have to press hard to get them on to your lids, which I've experienced with some other stick shadows. 

Overall, these are wonderful bases and I think you should definitely try them out if you can get your hands on some!