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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Basic Bases - Paint Pots

Hey guys, Em here! 

This is the next entry in the Basic Bases series.This post will be covering M.A.C.'s Paint Pots. These are a cream-based shadow that apply smoothly and dry to a powder finish that doesn't move once it's been applied. 

The packaging is a nice sized glass pot/jar that comes with a plastic lid. The lids do seal relatively tightly, but I have heard of people having issues with the pots drying out. 

You receive 5g or 0.17oz of product for $20.00 CAD. 

Jump past the break to see the shades I have and my thoughts on them! 

I have three different shades of Paint Pot. 

  • Painterly - A soft nude colour that works wonderfully as a primer and base for individuals with a pink undertone to their skin. This paint pot is my most used paint pot. If you have a more yellow undertone, I suggest using Soft Ochre paint pot in place of Painterly. 
  • Delft - The paint pot pictured above in the promotional image from M.A.C.  This paint pot applies rather sheerly in comparison to Painterly or Artifact but can be built up to a deep shade with work. There is also a [i]lot[/i] of silver and teal glitter in this shade.
  • Artifact - A deep red colour that borders on a red-based rust. This shade works wonderfully for a darker base if you plan on using a lot of blacks or other darker colours but wish don't want to use a full on black base. Artifact does also have some glitter in it, but it's far more subtle than Delft's and is more of a red and gold glitter. 
Overall I find Paint Pots to be a worthy investment. They work wonderfully as a primer and a base for shadows and I have never once experienced creasing with them. Although they can seem a little pricey, a little bit of product goes a long way. These are amazing bases and I think they should be a staple in any makeup artist or enthusiasts collection! 

Overall Ratings (This is a new feature to my reviews, let me know if you guys like the rating system or not in the comments!)

Product - 23/25
Pricing - 6/10
Packaging - 7/10
Usability - 5/5

Overall Score = 41/50