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Monday, May 17, 2010

MSF Mania - By Candlelight

Hey guys, Em here!

Here's the next post in MSF Mania, guys! This is coverage on By Candlelight! This is another one of my favourite MSFs along with Petticoat

By Candlelight released with Warm and Cozy in December 2009 for $33.50. (Price is listed in Canadian Dollars)

  • By Candlelight - A very warm golden pink with golden sparkles. There is sleight pale-gold veining running through the pink that offers that extra frosty finish this MSF gives off.
Head past the break for a breakdown and more pictures! 

First off, this colour works beautifully as a highlight for almost any skin colour. Right along the top of the cheek bone is the only place I would use it, however. It is a very shiny finish and will definitely make you appear oily if you use it on your forehead and nose. I avoid ANY shiny highlights along my nose.

It also works as a very soft-washed blush. The sparkles are a bit extreme if you don't blend properly, but if you do, it's not a problem. I find I prefer this MSF for a highlight over a blush, however, due to it's soft colour. 

I will usually apply this with my 188 brush from M.A.C. (a small duo-fiber brush or 'skunk' brush) so I have proper control of where the sheen ends up and can buff it out at the same time. 

By Candlelight is definitely one of my favourite MSFs and I think it's a must have for Highlight lovers. Below are a few more pictures to show you this wonderful piece of makeup. 



Swatch next to MSF

Swatch by itself

Overall Ratings (This is a new feature to my reviews, let me know if you guys like the rating system or not in the comments!)

Product - 23/25
Pricing - 7/10
Packaging - 7/10
Usability - 4/5

Overall Score = 41/50