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Monday, July 19, 2010

MSF Mania - Porcelain Pink (With Special Guest Blogger AdmiralKathryn)

Hey guys, Em here!

Here's the next MSF Mania post! This one covers the Porcelain Pink MSF and we'll have a special guest blogger today giving her opinion on Porcelain Pink as well as my own. Give a warm welcome to Ashleigh! (AdmiralKathryn)

Porcelain Pink was released with the Colourcraft collection in 2009 for 33.50 (Prices in Canadian Dollars)

  • Porcelain Pink - A soft, muted pink base with a very subtle shimmer to it. There are golden veins running through the pink. 
Head past the break for more info (and Ashleigh's take) and pictures!

Porcelain Pink is definitely one of the more 'natural' MSFs out there. It's low on glitter but still has a light sheen and will work on almost all skin tones due to it's subtle pinky-golden colour. 

I often use this as a highlight or blended in to a darker blush to add some definition and dimension to it. I think that this particular MSF is most useful as a highlighter, but you can use it as a blush as well if you want something gentle and light. 

This MSF isn't high on my list of coveted MSFs but it is rather versatile and I think it's a staple for MSF collectors. It may not be the most unique or the most exciting colour, but it's definitely worth owning. 

Ashleigh (AdmiralKathryn) says...

Porcelain Pink MSF

Retails for $28.00 USD

Firstly I’ll come clean to you guys and admit that I got my Porcelain Pink for $19 because I found it at the CCO…and I also won’t lie that I probably would never have purchased this MSF at full retail as I find myself reaching for other colors over this one.


This is such a gorgeous MSF to use not only as a highlight on your cheek, but it’s a fantastic brow highlight for pink or purple shadow looks (and I would also be intrigued to see it used on a more golden toned look to see if it picks up more of the gold hue)

I find that on my NW25-30ish skin tone that this particular MSF is not dark enough to use as a blusher, however I think that on lighter skin tones it would make a beautiful golden pink sheer blush.  I also feel that it would be beautiful on darker skin tones if buffed well into the blush color.  I love that it’s more of a high sheen color and not so much a glitter bomb as most of the recent MSF’s have appeared to be.  (MAC, are you reading this? Please stop with the disco ball MSF’s…we’re not welcoming back the 60’s juuuuuuust yet!)

So even though this isn’t my most used MSF, it definitely has its place in my collection (and hey, at least it sees the light of day more than once a year…that’s more than I can say for Gold Spill! But that’s a story for another post…)



Porcelain Pink + Swatch


Overall Ratings

Em's Ratings
Product - 20/25
Pricing - 6/10
Packaging - 7/10
Usability - 4/5

Overal Rating = 37/50

AdmiralKathryn's Ratings

Product - 24/25
Pricing - 5/10
Packaging - 6/10
Usability - 2/5

Overal Rating = 37/50