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Thursday, July 15, 2010

MSF Mania - Perfect Topping

Hey guys, Em here!

Welcome to the next post in MSF Mania! This post will cover the MSF Perfect Topping.

Perfect Topping was released in 2009 with the Sugarsweet collection for 33.50 (Prices in Canadian Dollars)

  • Perfect Topping - An off white base with plenty of veining and shimmer running through it. This MSF is high-shine and has Pink, Peach, Taupe, Orange, and Magenta veining running through it with mostly gold pearl for shimmer.
Head past the break for more pictures and info!

Perfect Topping is a gorgeous high light colour for paler skin tones. I don't have personal experience with it on darker skin tones, but with the general colour, I think it might appear too ashy. If you're a darker skin tone, I highly suggest you swatch it on yourself before picking it up if you can. 

I feel this colour is really only useful as a highlight due to it's high-shine formula. If you're palest of the pale (NW10 and up sort of range), it could be a nice light blush if buffed out. But I don't feel it works well as a blush on any darker skin tones. 

Overall this isn't one of my favourite MSFs nor is it one I reach for often. But I will use it if I'm going for a very light, playful look without much bright colour on the cheeks. 

Perfect Topping

Close Up

Swatch + Perfect Topping

Close Up of Swatch

Overall Ratings

Product - 21/25
Pricing - 6/10
Packaging - 7/10
Usability - 3/5

Overal Rating = 37/50