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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Review: Lush Colour Supplement

Hey guys, Em here!

Today I'm doing a review on Lush's new product called Colour Supplement. Make no mistake, this is a base. It isn't a concealer or a foundation or anything like that. It's a coloured base. 

Now, what exactly does that mean? It means that this product can be used as a base for several products. You can create a tinted moisturizer out of it by added moisturizer to a bit of the product, you can use it as a concealer as is or mix it with a liquid concealer to make it a little more pink. You can mix this in to a foundation for colour correction, you can use this in a pinch mixed with a bit of lash glue for a more 'skin-toned' lash glue, you can add this in with your glue-stick for covering brows for it to look more natural, etc. 

This base has a ton of uses and I think it's a fantastic product. 

Colour Supplement retails for $13.95 (Prices in CAD) for 0.7oz of Product. 

  • Light Pink - The Lightest shade available, Lush says light pink is for those with pink undertones and a fair to porcelain skintone. I feel it will best match with someone who is NW25 - NW30. Lighter skintones may need to lighten the product for it to blend seamlessly.
Head past the break for the full review and for more pictures! 

Colour Supplement is one of those products that I think no makeup artist should be without. It's versatility and affordable price make it a staple in my collection. 

The consistency is quite thick, but it isn't sticky at all, which makes it easy to blend with other products. The product is long lasting on it's own but takes on the qualities of the mixing medium you put it in. 

So, for example, if you mix it with moisturizer, the Colour Supplement will bond with the moisturizer and blend seamlessly in to the moisturizer, only leaving behind the tint of it's colour as opposed to it's thick texture. 

I've used the Supplement on it's own as an under eye concealer as a test to see what it would act like. After eight hours there was still colour coverage and it didn't melt off of my skin. However the colour is quite strong so using it outside of dark under-eye circles if it doesn't match your skin tone can be a bit off.

With Colour Supplement a little goes a very long way. One finger-tip sized dot will blend out to cover the entire underside of my arm. So this is a very pigmented and longlasting product. 

The only thing I don't like about this particular piece of makeup is the jar packaging. I'm not really a fan of jar packaging because it causes more air to be exposed to be the product, which allows for more bacteria growth to take place, which is never desirable. 

The other downside to jar packaging is that it's hard to get the right amount of product out. With a pump or even a squeeze-tube design, it's far easier to get a consistent amount of product. Especially with a product like this, where so little goes such a long way. 

In closing, I think this is a perfect addiction to any Makeup Artist's kit or any Makeup Enthusiast's collection. 

Overall Ratings

Product - 24/25
Pricing - 8/10
Packaging - 5/10
Usability - 5/5

Overal Rating = 42/50