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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tarte: Holiday 2010 - The Jewelry Box

Hey guys, Em here! 

I'm coming at you today with a review on Tarte's Holiday palette. The Jewelry Box. 

Tarte offers this palette bundled in a tight little package this year. Normally this item comes with a necklace from Tarte as well. However I found this necklace to be poor quality and rather gaudy. The necklace also tarnished incredibly easy and left that disgusting 'green streak' that fake gold has a tendency to leave. 

Tarte's The Jewelry Box ($68.00 CAD/$52.00 USD) from Sephora

This set includes...

  • 16 0.06 oz Matte Eyeshadows
  • 16 0.06 oz Shimmer Eyeshadows 
  • 8 0.03 oz Lip Glosses 
  • 1 0.25 oz Highlighting Powder in "Soft Pink"
  • 1 0.21 oz Mineral Powder Bronzer
  • 5 0.02 oz Long-wearing Natural Eyeliners 
This palette is an AMAZING value. The shadows are full size and are of a comparable value to normal Tarte shadows. They blend nicely and are easy to build up to a nice pigmentation. They can be a bit chalky and have a tendency to flake when you pick up the shadow on your brush, however it isn't bad enough to make me want to discontinue using them.  (Swatches of the eyeshadows are after the break!) 

The Lipglosses are another great value in this palette. The standard gloss from Tarte, the Vitamin-Enhanced Lip Gloss, is available in 0.02 oz size. This means you're getting an extra 0.01 oz for your money. I found the glosses to be a bit tacky but that means they have excellent lasting power on the lips. I didn't notice them settling in to fine lines or bleeding beyond my lips and the colours are flattering to all skin tones.

The face powders are fantastic. The highlight powder is perfect for lighter skin tones to use as a natural looking highlight to add just a touch of pinky shimmer to your face. You don't look like a glitterbomb has gone off in your face. I could not find a similar product on the Sephora website to compare size at, however it looks like the majority of Tarte's face powders are about 0.30 oz, so this is a fantastic value. 

The bronzer is beautiful. It's a light enough tone that it's not going to look like a dirty streak on your face with just a touch of shimmer in it to add that glow. Used liberally I think this is something that any skin tone could benefit from. This, again, is a great value as the full size is 0.32 oz. You're getting almost a third of the full size! 

The only eyeliners available from Tarte at the moment on Sephora's site are twist-up liners, not actual pencils. These twist-up liners come in 0.001 oz and 0.003 oz. So these new Long-Wearing liners that Tarte has placed in to their palette are a fantastic value when compared. They are creamy with a very smooth application. The only downside is that people with oilier lids or watery eyes may find they run or smudge often and the point is creamy enough that you will need to keep it sharpened often if you want pin-point precision. 

Head past the break for photos, swatches, and over-all rating!

16 Shimmer Eyeshadows

The first 8 Shimmer Eyeshadows

The first 8 Shimmer eyeshadow swatches 
(All Swatches are done over Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden)

First 4 Shimmer eyeshadow swatches
(Deep shimmered Purple, Rusted copper, Satin peach, Frosty golden vanilla)

The second 4 Shimmer eyeshadow swatched
(Frosted light pink, Light shimmery gold, Smoky deep teal, Satin brick red)

The second 8 Shimmer eyeshadows

 All 8 second shimmer eyeshadows

The third 4 shimmer eyeshadows
(Shimmery copper, Bright sparkly pink, Muted golden-red, Satin stormy grey) 

 The fourth 4 shimmer eyeshadows
(Satin forest green, Shimmered eggplant, Rich sparkly denim blue, Light sparkling white)

The 16 Matte eyeshadows

The first 8 Matte eyeshadows

The first 8 Matte eyeshadow swatches

The first 4 Matt eyeshadows
(blackened navy, pink toned beige, warm pink, soft white)

The second 4 matte eyeshadows
(soft black, chocolate brown, plum, light pinked beige)

The second 8 Matte eyeshadows

The third 4 matte eyeshadows
(Royal purple, slate blue, moss green, peach)

The fourth 4 Matte eyeshadows
(Sea green, Periwinkle blue, Woody brown, Tauped beige)

The 2 Face powders and 8 Lip glosses

The 5 Long-Wearing Natural Eyeliners

Swatches of the 2 face powders and 5 eyeliners

Swatches of the five Long-wearing natural Eye-liners
(Sparkling black, Olive, Copper, Burgundy, and Rich black)

Highlight Powder in Soft Pink and Mineral Powder Bronzer

Swatches of the Highlight and Bronzing powders

The 8 Lip glosses

Swatches of the 8 lip glosses

The first 4 lip glosses. 
(Sparkling browned orange, burgundy, fuschia, red)

The second 4 glosses
(Bubblegum pink, Hot fuschia, warm brown, deep brown)

Overall I think this palette is fantastic and it's one of the best holiday offerings I've seen this year. If you're hmming and hahing over this palette, don't! It's well worth the money. =D

Product - 23/25
Pricing - 8/10
Packaging - 6/10
Usability  - 5/5

Overall total = 42/50