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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Basic Bases - Sephora Eye Priming Pot

The next entry in to the Basic Bases series is going to cover the Sephora Eye Priming Pot. This little beauty is a fantastic find! If you're in to loose shadow/pigments you NEED to have this base. For one simple reason.

This base makes loose shadows look foiled without all the work of foiling. It's actually pretty amazing! Shadows look rich and colourful when applied over this base. Like you've applied them wet/foiled them. 

The pot is kind of small, coming in at only 0.1 oz, but the price is very very hard to argue with. This base goes for $10.00 CAD ($8 USD)! It's a FANTASTIC value for it's price. 

I've experienced no creasing with this base. It keeps my shadows where I put them. The ONLY downside I can think of is the learning curve that comes with working with this base. You don't need too much of this base on your lids, just a little bit swiped across the lid. You'll find the right amount for your lids with a little experimentation. 

It is a very stick base when applied so you have to pat the shadows on to the base rather than sweeping them on like you might with other bases. If you don't pat it on, you can end up with the base sticking to your brush/clumping along the lid. But if you pat gently, it gives AMAZING results. 

Do yourself a favour and pick this base up! 

M.A.C.'s pigmet Later. swatched over my skin and over the base.