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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hello Kitty by Sephora - An Overview

Hey guys, Em here!

This post is gonna serve as a quick peek at the items I received from the new Sephora Originals brand Hello Kitty!

I won't be reviewing individual items here but rather giving my overall impression of the brand from the items I received. Individual reviews will be added to in links here as soon as they are up!

I received the following items.

Hello Kitty Five-Piece Brush Set
Hello Kitty Roller Girl roller ball perfume (Eau Du Parfum) (Review)
Hello Kitty Sweet Gloss in Grape Frosting (Review)
Hello Kitty Say Hello Palette in Super Fun (Review)
Hello Kitty Apple Cheeks in Cotton Ball (Review)

This brand is one that I felt very excited about until I saw the packaging online. I thought that the packaging looked a bit tacky and seemed kind of childish.

Boy, was I wrong. This packaging is absolutely adorable! There are little Hello Kitty faces plastered all over the lip gloss and cheek tint, the brush kit holder is to die for and the roller ball and palette are amazingly sweet-looking.

For my first impressions (and some more product shots), jump past the break!

The overall look of this collection recalls childhood for me but, thankfully, doesn't feel too childish. It's a collection that seems to play on our love of Hello Kitty and good makeup!

Speaking of good makeup, the quality of these items are fantastic. The eyeshadows included in the palette are smooth and buttery. They're a medium to buildable pigmentation and they blend like a dream. The brushes are a great little set for beginners and advanced users alike! I'm going to be saving them and using them for travel.

The perfume included in this collection is wonderful. It's light and fruity without being childish. A lot of fruity scents have a tendency to smell a little... young. But this one is a scent that breathes maturity in to those familiar fruity scents. I think any age could wear this scent.

If you're looking for highly pigmented glosses, I'm going to direct you to Illamasqua. The glosses that I was privy to were not highly pigmented but they were high quality. The glosses are sheer, not-sticky and they smell of berries. They don't have a flavour but the scent is delicious enough to excuse the lack of flavour.

The cheek tints are creamy and blend out easily on the skin. I found they dried to a powdery finish that stays doesn't transfer. They remind me a lot of NARS Multiples in terms of consistency and lasting power.

The only disappointment I had with the items was one of the brushes being a bit damaged. The metal casing on the lip brush was cracked about 3/4 of the way up the brush. I've emailed Sephora about this and am awaiting a response back.

Overall, the brand is great and I'm really looking forward to the full launch in Mid-January!

Hello Kitty will be available online at Sephora.com and in Sephora stores Mid-January. The items mentioned in this review were NOT sent for review purposes but purchased from an exclusive preview event available to specific Sephora Beauty Insiders.