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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cotton Ball - Hello Kitty Apple Cheeks

The Hello Kitty Apple Cheek cheek tints retail for $24.20 CAD (US Prices are not available to me at this time). They will be available in Sephora stores and online at Sephora.com in Mid-January.

Apple Cheeks cheek tints come in a white tube with silver accents. The cap is a slightly off-white with white Hello Kitty heads and bows around it. The cheek tint is in a twist up-tube which is expected with this kind of product.

The tint itself is creamy without being soft. It applies easily on the skin and blends like a dream. The tint itself reminded me of NARS Multiples in consistency and pigmentation, though I found the Hello Kitty tint to be less glittery and provide more of a subtle sheen than the NARS multiple I swatched it next to below. 

  • Cotton Ball is a soft white highlighter with a touch of glitter. It mostly presents a soft white sheen to the area you apply it and blends beautifully to a soft, gentle glow. 
I would highly recommend this to very fair-skinned people for a highlighter that will add sheen but no colour. It can be hard for us light-skinned people to find just the right highlighter, but this is definitely a great option! 

Head past the break for pictures, a swatch and comparison with NARS Copacabana Multiple and overall ratings!

 Cotton Ball boxed

Cotton Ball unboxed

Cotton Ball opened and twisted up

Left: NARS Multiple in Copacabana in a blended out and heavy swatch
Right: Hello Kitty Apple Cheeks in Cotton Ball in a blended out and heavy swatch

Overall Ratings

Product - 23/25
Pricing - 6/10
Packaging - 7/10
Usability  - 2/5

Total = 38/50