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Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello Kitty Sweet Gloss - Grape Frosting

Hello Kitty Sweet Gloss retails for $17.60 CAD (US prices are not available to me at this time). It comes in a white tube in the same vein as the Apple Cheeks tints except this time, the patterns are reversed. The white portion is now the cap and the off-white portion with the patterns is now the tube itself.

These seem like a lipstick when you first look at them. The packaging, the colours, even the scent may throw you off when it comes to classifying these products. Make no mistake, these are definitely glosses. They're sheer, sparkly and only last about 2 - 3 hours before reapplication is needed.

  • Grape Frosting appears to be a blackened plum colour in the tube. But the application is so sheer in comparison to the tube that it classifies somewhere between royal purple and violet. There are small silver glitters running through the colour as well.
The gloss has a sweet berry scent like the glosses from the Say Hello Palettes but, again, lacks a flavour. I found the gloss to not be sticky in the slightest. It doesn't even feel tacky. It applies more like a lip balm and doesn't transfer too easily. 

There is enough pigmentation that it's noticeable on the lips, but it won't be enough for an opaque lip by itself. Added to a lipstick or with a second gloss overtop it makes for a really nice combination. If you prefer the sheerer lip, this gloss by itself will be perfect. 

The glosses are perfect for people who prefer a lighter-pigmented lip or want a non-tacky base for a lipstick or more opaque gloss. 

Jump past the break for pictures, swatches and overall ratings! 
Grape Frosting boxed

Grape Frosting unboxed

Grape Frosting opened

Grape Frosting twisted up

Overall Ratings

Product - 23/25
Pricing - 6/10
Packaging - 8/10
Usability  - 2/5

Total = 39/50