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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Overview: Sugarpill


Sugarpill Cosmetics is an independent makeup company started by Shrinkle (A.K.A. Amy Doan) in early 2010. From my research, the line's development goes back to 2005. To me, this says that the line isn't just something that's been thrown together. The formulas behind the product have been tested and developed over time and the outcome has been nothing but quality.

When Sugarpill first released I was highly interested in the products. All of the ravings and hype that surrounded the release made me excited to get my hands on the product. I held off initially, deciding to see how Sugarpill stood the test of time. After seeing all of the reviews, swatch videos, tutorials and even the release of new ChromaLusts, I was ready to take the plunge. Thankfully, the timing for my decision to order from Sugarpill coincided with their Black Friday sale.

I was able to pick up all of the pressed shadows that Sugarpill currently offers and five of their ChromaLusts loose shadows. Due to getting my discount code from Facebook, I received a Teal Sugarpill sticker as well as the usual pink sticker.

Check out the individual reviews for the pressed shadows and the ChromaLusts below.

  • Sugarpill Pressed Shadows Review
  • Sugarpill ChromaLust Review

I have to say that these products live up to their hype. This brand offers insanely bright and colourful makeup at affordable prices. The value behind these products is phenomenal.
  • Sugarpill Pressed Shadows - $12 (USD, CAD Prices vary based on Exchange rate) for 4 grams / 0.14 oz 
  • M.A.C. Pressed Shadows - $17.50 CAD ($14.50 USD) for 1.5 grams / 0.05 oz
  • Makeup Forever Pressed Shadows - $22.00 CAD ($19.00 USD) for 2.36 grams / 0.08 oz
  • NARS Single Pressed Shadows - $26.00 CAD ($23.00 USD) for 2.07 grams / 0.07 oz
Sugarpill shadows are by far the best value when it comes to dollar per gram. Sugarpill has great pigmentation. I found that Makeup Forever shadows were highly comparable and, in some cases, have higher pigmentation.

What amazes me about Sugarpill the most is the quality that is coming from an independent make up company that's still so young. Sugarpill has presented a quality that rivals High End brands like M.A.C., NARS, and Makeup Forever. Many of the other young independent companies I've seen haven't been able to make this kind of leap in quality. Shrinkle has produced an amazing line of shadows and I can only see bigger and brighter things in her future.