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Friday, January 21, 2011

Share an Opinion: Guru Gossip?

I've decided to start a new little post series here on the blog called Share an Opinion. The posts will present an issue or item to do with the Beauty Community and give my own opinion and ask you for your opinion in return. Any feedback you have on this new feature would be greatly appreciated. 

Recently a website came to my attention that's all about Gurus on YouTube. The forum is called Guru Gossip and it's a hushed secret of the beauty community on YouTube with many prominent figures completely unaware of it's existence. Now you may be asking why this site is so tucked away and hidden. The reason is that despite the banner above asking people to also rave about Gurus, the site has basically become a breeding ground for trolls.

The Trash section of their website covers many YouTube Gurus who have worked hard to get to where they are and are entire forums dedicated to simply bashing these people. There's even a section dubbed "Lesser Known Gurus" for these people to hate and bash on beginning gurus.

Why, you might be asking, do I care? In all honesty, I don't. I know that no matter what you do, if you are succeeding in any way, there will always be people there to bring you down. The reason I'm blogging about this site is so that people know that it exists.

Trolls are part of the internet. They always have been and they always will be. I don't think that blogging about it will get this site shut down, nor do I think that it's going to stop anyone from visiting the site to trash gurus. I only want to bring this to light.

These people think they're being clever by hiding behind a board that few people know about. They come here to whine and complain when a YouTuber blocks them for being rude and unpleasant but would be the first ones to complain when they're called out on their bullshit.

Here are two quotes from the same aptly named user, Little_Miss_Troll, the first defending Temptalia.com and the second bashing TheSPNation from YouTube.

No matter who you are, you will always get hate. I'm sure her blog does attract haters, btw that's how this thread was created in the first place. 
 I have worked Customer Service for a long while and it's not as easy as you think. We always need identification first too, to prove that you have the product...I can't stand impatience...>.> kindness goes a long way. (haha funny because I make some negative comments, but hey I don't say it on their videos or anything) 
How is it that it's all right to defend one Guru, bash another and then say it's fine because you don't say it to their faces? Does that make it okay to steal from a store and then tell everyone about it and say "Well, It's okay because I'm not telling the STORE I stole from them"?

What do you think of the Guru Gossip? Did you know it existed before hand? Have you ever posted on it?