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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Em's Adventures in... Makeup Gigs

What you see above is my set up for my very first booking as a Makeup Artist. A local Youth Centre was having a makeover night for Valentine's and hired me to handle the makeup before they did the girls hair and had pictures taken. My set up had to be a little cramped due to the only space available being a small storage room, but we made it work!

I did about ten girls makeup, touch ups for about half and full faces for the other half. It was refreshing to be able to be out there, doing what I love for a living. It felt good to help these girls with their makeup and give them tips and tricks to use at home as well.

I got permission from three of the girls to use pictures for portfolio purposes and public posting and I'm gonna show them to you underneath the cut below.

This is Mouse. She and I know each other through some mutual friends, so it was nice to be able to sit down and chat with her while doing her makeup. Mouse wanted something that was going to accentuate her features and still look feminine. So, after showing her some colour combinations we decided to go with a light, pink and purple sort of look with a very lightly defined crease and a bold red lip with a glittery gloss to compliment. Mouse was very pleased with her makeup and thanked me several times throughout the night.

Looking back on her makeup, There are a couple of spots I'd like to have covered better and and I feel as though some bronzer could have helped this look pull together a lot better.

This is Nicole. Nicole was really interested in makeup but was scared to play around with it on her own. She didn't know what sort of foundation she should be using or how to select colours together for an eyeshadow combination. So after giving her a quick consultation on some makeup basics, we decided to do some playing with colours so she would get a better understanding on how they worked together.

Nicole decided she wanted to have very bright and colourful shadows on her lid but she wanted them to still be light. So we played with a lot of bright pastels and more of a mid-toned blue for her crease rather than a darker-toned colour to keep things light but still add some definition.

For Nicoles blush we used a warm, golden toned pink blush that would add a healthy glow to her caramel skin. For a lip, Nicole requested a soft pink and we blended in a clear gloss to keep it simple and light.

I think that this look is wonderful for Nicole, it really brings her eyes out and shows off the great bone structure in her cheek. I would've liked to do a really dark vampy look for her to bring out her nice lip shape.

This is Krista. Krista started off by telling me that she's definitely not a girly-girl. She doesn't normally wear makeup, usually just throws her hair back. I found it a little funny that this was the case, yet she knew exactly what she wanted and exactly how it would compliment her skin.

Krista requested a soft black smokey eye. So we started off by using Feline Eye Kohl from M.A.C. as a base and smudged it across the lid. We then took a sparkling black and blended out the edges before we applied a soft cream colour to highlight the brow bone and finished with a glittery silver in the crease to add just a bit of sheen.

Krista wanted to keep her lip simple so we used a rich pink and a clear gloss overtop to keep the colour true. Krista requested a golden blush to keep her skin tone on her cheeks and just add some sheen.

Personally, I think a nice soft pink or even a deeper plum would've looked fantastic on her cheeks. But Krista wanted her look as downplayed as she could get and the client's needs always come first.

So overall, I think my first bout out as a makeup artist went pretty well. I really enjoyed what I was doing and I think that it's something I'm going to pursue further. It was good to connect with these girls even if it was for only thirty minutes or so while they were getting their face painted.

What do you think of the looks these girls are sporting? What would you have done differently? Let me know in the comments section below.