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Friday, February 4, 2011

Em's Adventures in... Makeup Kits / Kit Foundation

So after working as an Amateur Makeup Artist for the past six months or so, working on friends and friends of friends mostly, I've decided that rather than hauling makeup out of my personal kit to use (after sterilization of course), it's about time I invested in building a proper Makeup Kit. If I want to be taken seriously as a Makeup Artist, it's about time I built one so that my clients can see that they're being worked on with high quality, professionally managed products.

The only problem is... where to begin? This can be a huge undertaking for someone who doesn't know much about building kits (That's me!) so I decided it could be kind of fun to take you all through the process with me!

So this is basically going to be a little series I'm going to run that will show you items I've picked up for my Makeup Kit, my thoughts on those items after I've had a chance to play with them a little more, and a chance for you guys, my readers, to give me suggestions on what you would like to see in a kit or what you carry in your own kits!

I've applied for a M.A.C. Pro card recently and, hopefully, when it's accepted I'll be able to flesh out my kit a little more with Pro Products from M.A.C.  I'm looking at you, Chromalines!

So, to start off with, the first thing I picked up was Foundation. This is probably the most basic of basics in a kit, in my opinion, so I figured here would be a good place to start. I went with a drugstore foundation because I don't have an infinite amount of money to be working with and they're easily accessible for both myself and my clients. If I use a foundation on a client that they really like, it's easy to direct them to a drugstore where they can purchase the item themselves.

L'oreal True Match Foundation is the foundation I chose to put in my kit. I chose it after playing with the testers a little and finding the consistency easy to work with and the finish to be somewhere in a satin area. Not too dewey and not too matte either. This foundation, unlike many drugstore foundations, and even some higher end foundations, sort their colours by the undertone. Warms, Neutrals, and Cools. M.A.C. sorts their foundations similarly, but very few other brands seem to take to this sort of organization.

After Hmming and Hahing over how much foundation I might need for a basic kit, I settled on six foundations from the line. I picked up W1, W6, N1, N6, C1 and C6. Noticing a trend there? Basically, I picked the lightest and darkest shades in each undertone. This will allow me to do some mixing of the foundations to get a match for my clients in each undertone.

I have yet to play with the foundations and test how they mix, but I will be sure to post about my experiences with these foundations and how they apply and wear as soon as I'm able to test them out.

If you have any questions about these foundations, please leave a comment below. If you have any suggestions for a beginner's Makeup Kit, leave a comment below or you can contact me at EmWyllieMUA@gmail.com with your suggestions.