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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hello Kitty Apple Balm

Hello Kitty Apple Balm retails for $12.00 CAD ($9.00 USD). It is available exclusively from Sephora in-store and online. Apple Balm is a thick and moisturizing tinted lip conditioning balm. The balm comes with 0.22oz of product in a cute little jar with Hello Kitty written on one side and Hello Kitty's head on the other.

I wanted to try this balm out when I purchased items from the pre-sale several months ago but, unfortunately, it was sold out at the time. Thankfully Ashleigh knew that I was interested in the balm and was kind enough to purchase it as a gift for me when she came to visit me recently.

This balm is very thick and quite moisturizing when it comes to lip balms. It lack the stickiness common in gloss, but has a lot of the staying power gloss. The taste is very pleasant, sort of a subtle apple-sugar combination. It has a similar scent as well.

Apple Balm has a light salmony coral colour to it that compliments naturally pigmented lips and provides light colour coverage to less pigmented lips. The strength of the pigmentation is what I would consider a sheer gloss rather than a tinted balm, but this product is most definitely a balm and not a gloss.

Extracts of Apple, Strawberry and Grape Seed and a unique blend of these oils and waxes provides a moisturizing and long-lasting formula that's going to feel great along on your lips or underneath a lip colour. I find the balm lasts anywhere from 1 - 2 hours depending on how whether I'm drinking or eating.

Depending on whether or not you normally purchase higher end lip balms or lower end lip balms, you'll either find the price pleasant or a bit higher than usual. Personally, I think the price is more than justified for the product. This serves as a light, hydrating finish for my lips and you get a good amount of product for the price you're paying.

The packaging can be a little bit awkward. Overall I'm not a big fan of Jar packaging. While I think the look of it is very classy, I find that it usually causes faster dry out of product due to the fact that opening the jar exposes the entire product to air, causing it to dry out and expire faster than if it had been in a squeeze tube or something similar. I also dislike the fact the jar is plastic. It makes it more likely to break over time or if dropped.

Jump past the break to check out more pictures, swatches and overall ratings!

Heavier swatch on the left, sheered out swatch on the right

Overall Ratings

Product - 24/25
Pricing - 8/10
Packaging - 6/10
Usability  - 3/5

Total = 41/50