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Monday, April 11, 2011

Kat Von D Truth True Romance Palette

Kat Von D Truth True Romance Palette is a limited edition palette that retails for $44.00 CAD ($34.00 USD). It is available exclusively from Sephora both in-store and online. The Truth palette, like all other True Romance Palettes, comes with eight 0.05oz eyeshadows and a mirror.

This particular palette is full of lighter pastel colours for Spring. The palette also includes, as do all of the True Romance palettes, a cream shadow. The cream shadows in True Romance palettes are notorious for drying out quickly.  The cream shadow in this palette, Finland, appears to have been reformulated for this palette to prevent it from drying out as quickly.

The colours included in this palette are...

  • Sugar Skull is a golden toned vanilla. The golden shimmer in this shadow is almost an 'old gold.' It has a bit of a rusted green undertone. 
  • Long Distance is a sparkling acid green with yellow undertones. 
  • Snake Eyes is a pastel true green with subtle golden sheen. 
  • Finland (cream) is a rich metallic blue. This reminds me a lot of M.A.C.'s Blue Pigment if it were a little deeper. 
  • Prague is a blackened maroon colour with soft and subtle sheen to it.
  • Galeano is a soft pinky-taupe with a high-shine finish.
  • Rehab is an orangey gold metallic. 
  • Sister is a soft matte peach.
The palette itself is white as opposed to standard black of other Kat Von D palettes. The Memento Mori palette, also limited edition, was white as well. There are several different keys printed on the front of the palette. The palette has a snap-shut style enclosure and opens on a simple hinge. Inside, the palette has a wide mirror. Mine, unfortunately, has a small piece of the mirror broken out of it on the far right hand corner. The rest of the mirror was in tact. On the lower half of the palette you'll find eight rectangular eyeshadows and two reservoirs where standard applicators are included. I toss these as I prefer to use brushes in application.   

I found these colours to work really well together and was quite impressed with the colour pay off as well. I own two other Kat Von D palettes, but both have darker colours in them and the lighter colours that are included are quite sheer so I was expecting similar results out of this palette. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the shadows themselves were richly pigmented. 

This palette represents what this spring is about for me. Light and colourful shadows that, while on the lighter side of the spectrum, don't suffer a lack of pigmentation in the process. The palette includes a cream that works nicely as a base for the shadows but I have found it to crease if you do not use a good primer underneath. 

The Truth Palette is going to give you a wide variety of looks you can achieve, from light and natural to more fun 'going out' kind of night looks. If you're a fan of Kat Von D's other palettes, this will be a welcome addition to your collection. If you're in to darker, more dramatic makeup, I'd probably skip over this one as there is only one darker shadow to work with in this palette. 

Jump past the break to see photos, swatches and overall ratings! 

Finland (cream), Snake Eyes, Long Distance, Sugar Skull 

Sister, Rehab , Galeano, Prague 

Overall Ratings
Product - 22/25
Pricing - 6/10
Packaging - 8/10
Usability - 3/5

Total = 39/50