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Friday, May 20, 2011

Basic Bases - Chromalines

Basic Bases is a series where eyeshadow bases are looked at as a whole as opposed to an individual shade. Today in Basic Bases, we're going to be looking at Chromalines from M.A.C. ($21.00 CAD/$17.50 USD) are available from M.A.C. Pro.

Chromalines are an expansion, and combination, of M.A.C.'s previous products Fluidlines and Chromacakes. Chromacakes were a large puck-like water activated bodypainting product and Fluidlines were a gel liner with strong staying power. Chromalines combined the colours of paint sticks with the long-lasting qualities of Chromacakes in the convenient Gel form of Fluidlines. Sounds like a lot of combining, but it definitely paid off!

Chromalines are a multi-use product that I feel should be a necessity in a collection or a kit. Chromalines are a Cream/Gel hybrid that includes silicone to help the product adhere to the skin. They are waterproof and provide even, vivid colour and smooth application.

Chromalines can be used in the following ways...

  • Eyeliner - Chromalines gel/cream hybrid works beautifully as an Eyeliner. The application is smooth and precise and easy to pick up on a brush. The waterproof formula lasts well on most people, but if you have watery eyes, you may find it runs ever so slightly.
  • Face Painting - For much the same reason as using Chromalines as Eyeliner, they're great for detailing in face painting. 
  • Eyeshadow Base - Chromalines silicone based waterproof formula makes it a fantastic Eyeshadow Base. Once you have smoothed the product over the lid, it provides a wash of colour and a budge-proof canvas for your eyeshadow. 
  • Lip Base/Colour - Chromalines can be used as a lip base or colour as well depending on the effect you're trying to achieve. Basic Red Chromaline works wonderfully as a smudge-proof base for a low-maintenance Red Lip, similar in vein to Make Up For Ever's Aqua Cream.
Over all these are some of my favourite bases and I highly suggest picking them up!