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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sleek Saturday - A Tsunimee Collaboration

Me doing my best Liloo pose! 

Today's post is part of a collaboration that the wonderful Tsunimee/Liloo has put together! If you guys haven't heard of her, please go check her out! She's a fantastic blogger and the biggest sweetheart you'll ever meet! 

Now, as for what the actual blog post is going to be about. Liloo has started a series on her blog called Sleek Saturday. What this series is all about is using the Sleek Makeup Palettes to create a different eye look every Saturday. For this week she's invited me and several other bloggers and YouTubers to do a look with their Sleek palettes as well! So I have a blog post here about it and there will be a video to accompany it on my YouTube channel. =) 

What I tried to do for my look is a simple, neutral Back To School style look. Something that wouldn't be too showy and would enhance your natural beauty instead of trying to fix 'problems' you might have with your skin/face. 

So I went with light peaches and golds and an olive and a rust for definition from the Original Sleek Palette on my eyes. I used Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara because it darkens my lashes and helps them hold a curl without having them appear overly dramatic or fake looking. I added just a touch of Brown liner on the bottom lashes from Lise Watier to add some definition to my lower lashes as well. I left the top lid unlined because I felt the darker mascara helped to define my lashline already. I also filled in my brows as I normally would with Benefit's brow kit and kept them quite natural looking overall. 

For cheeks, I went super natural and tried to keep more of the neutral motif going. With a Back To School look, I think people want to look their best, but also quite natural in doing so. So I went with a bronzer from Lise Watier instead of a blush to give my cheeks, and the rest of my face, a light glow and to make my skin appear a little more tanned than usual. After all, Summer's almost over, we can't go outside and tan for much longer! 

For my face, I decided to embrace my natural skin and used a tinted moisturizer from Urban Decay instead of a foundation because I want to have as little product on my face as possible. Less is more when you're trying to go for a neutral, natural look. I added a little bit of Makeup Forever concealer to some of the redness I have around my nose and to keep my dark circles under my eyes at bay. I used the Hello Kitty Cotton Ball high lighter across my usual highlight points. 

For my lips, I moisturized with Jack Black's Lemon Lip Balm and then applied Blankety lipstick from M.A.C. It's a soft nude-pink. You could leave it at that if you'd like, but I prefer a little gloss with my lip so I added Lovechild Lipglass from M.A.C. which is a plummy pink with slight shimmer. 

Overall, I really enjoyed taking part in this challenge from Liloo and I hope that she enjoys my look!