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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Femme Couture Monster Gloss

Monster Gloss ($9.99 or $8.99 with BCC CAD/ $8.99 or $7.99 with BCC USD for 0.37oz) is a new lipgloss from Femme Couture which is available at Sally Beauty Supply starting in January 2012. This product is part of a launch of several new products from Femme Couture and will be the first featured on this blog.

Monster Gloss is a 'Monster sized' lip gloss from Femme Couture. The tube is larger than most glosses and the applicator is huge. They remind me a lot of the Wonder Woman Lipglasses that came out last year from M.A.C.

These glosses are quite slick with little to no stickiness. The pigmentation varies from shade to shade, some having some colour, others being more of a sparkly/shimmery coat. They have a pleasant sweet, almost chocolatey scent.

The applicator is large but not too big to use on my lips. Those with smaller lips may find it a bit cumbersome but you can get little lip gloss applicators from Sally Beauty Supply for quite cheap, use a lipbrush as an alternative or even apply with your fingers.

The glosses are a great value. They're absolutely HUGE for the price you pay. You get 0.37oz of product for around 8 or 9 bucks. For comparison, a M.A.C. lipglass is 0.17oz for about 16 or 17 bucks. Much more affordable and much more product. Other brands like NARS and Urban Decay offer lip glosses around the same size but for much higher prices.

There are nine colours included total in the collection and they are...

  • Sahara Rose - A deep red with a turquoise duochrome. 
  • Angel Kisses - A clear base with multicoloured glitter and flecks of holographic glitter.
  • Vixen - A true red with violet shimmer.
  • Divine - A deep plum with light pink and purple glitter. 
  • Bare Hug - A soft, muted gold with golden shimmer. 
  • Pink Flash - A clear base with bright pink, purple, violet and blue glitter. 
  • Fuschia Flirt - A sheer purple base with warm-violet glitter. 
  • Date Night - A sheer pink base with hot pink glitter. 
  • Sweet Harmony - A soft warm-nude with multi-coloured glitter. 
Absolute must-haves, in my opinion, are Sahara Rose and Angel Kisses. These two are amazing colours that haven't really been seen in lipglosses from what I've seen before. 

Jump after the break for pictures, swatches and overall ratings! 

All Nine Monster Glosses lined up

Applicator Size

Sweet Harmony

Sheer and Heavy swatch of Sweet Harmony

Pink Flash

Sheer and Heavy swatch of Pink Flash

Bare Hug

Sheer and Heavy swatch of Bare Hug

Fuschia Flirt 

Sheer and Heavy swatch of Fuschia Flirt

Date Night

Sheer and Heavy swatch of Date Night


Sheer and Heavy swatch of Vixen


Sheer and Heavy swatch of Divine

Angel Kisses

Sheer and Heavy swatch of Angel Kisses

Sahara Rose

Sheer and Heavy swatch of Sahara Rose

Overall Ratings

Product - 21/25
Pricing - 10/10
Packacing - 6/10
Usability - 2.5/5

Total Rating: 39.5/50
Grade: B-