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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Femme Couture 2013 Expansion

It seems that Femme Couture is creating a trend the past couple years of expanding their product line in January. Last year came the introduction of Monster Gloss, Creme Eyeshadow Trios, Glitter pencil liners, Glitter liquid liners and Smokin' Eyes Jumbo Eyeshadow pencils.

This year, there's a whole new line of Eyeshadows, Eyeshadow Duos, Bronzer/Blush duos, a liquid foundation, a maximum coverage concealer and finishing powders for the face.

These products are available now on sallybeauty.com and will be available in the month of January at your local Sally Beauty Supply store. The prices range from about 5 - 12 dollars depending on your location (US vs. Canada) and your Beauty Club Card subscription status.

This will be more of an overview of the products before actual reviews are written. I only got my hands on these products today and I've been itching to share them with you!

Velvet Eye Colour is the name of the eyeshadow line. There are 12 shades to choose from, including neutrals and a couple of more vibrant shades. Mostly all of these shades (I haven't swatched all) appear to be pearly and shimmery if not all glittery. From the colours I have swatched already, they're smooth and buttery in texture and they swatch incredibly well. I haven't had a chance to test for wear yet.

Velvet Eye Colour Duos are duo versions of the individuals above. Same formula but I'm not sure of the colours yet as my local store hasn't received any of them in stock yet. I think the colours are different from the individuals.

Velvet Bronzer/Blush Duo has three shades available and, from the little bit I was able to play with testers, does have the same texture as the eyeshadows but I haven't applied to a face yet.

Flawless 8-in-1 Foundation seems to me to be like an amped up BB Cream. Most BB Creams promise 6 - 8 things in their marketing. This foundation promises to act as a moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, colour corrector, smooth out lines and is 97% oil free. I'm still not sure how 97% oil free counts as an item to be included in an 8-in-1 promise, but... that's marketing for you. I don't believe this foundation will do ALL of those things but I'm going to be testing it to see if it will. The texture of it when I played with it was very silky AND this foundation comes with a pump!

Get Covered Maximum Coverage Concealer is Femme Couture's first full coverage concealer. They did have an Under Eye concealer available previously but it was more of a medium coverage. It comes in a small pot with a screw top lid. I'm not big on Jar packaging because it does expose the product to more air but c'est la vie. It seems extremely thick in texture but I haven't played with it yet.

Get Matte/a Glow Finishing Powders are two new finishing powders from this brand. They do have loose mineral powders you can use as setting powders as well as pressed mineral foundations that work for it but this is their first foray in to proper finishing powders. They are translucent powders so they do appear a bit white. I'm looking forward to playing with these.

Overall, Femme Couture has 30 new skus to add to their product line though they boast 30 new items with the selection of colours from their new products. Again, more marketing techniques. However I am excited about this expansion and I do look forward to trying these products out and giving you my opinions on them! If you can't wait for my word, head on over to sallybeauty.com or to your local Sally Beauty to check them out!