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Monday, October 27, 2014

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush ($95 CAD/$89.50 USD) is an innovative sonic facial cleansing brush that works in partnership with your current cleansing system to create your greatest skin ever. 

The Sonic System creates your greatest skin ever by working with your cleanser to remove dirt, oil, environmental debris and makeup while remaining gentle enough for daily use by all skin types. It provides significantly more effective cleansing than hand washing alone using sonic technology's high-speed vibrations. These vibrations allow dirt, oil and debris that has settled deep in to the pore to rise to the surface and be cleared away by your facial cleanser. 

Clinique Sonic System is designed to work in tandem with the existing 3 Step Program from Clinique however it can also be used with other brands of cleansers just as effectively. The Sonic System is clinically proven to help your skin care products work more effectively and absorb easier in to your skin, providing more effective cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing. It is also clinically proven to unclog pores, provide a significant increase in radiance, smoothness, and improve skin texture.

Designed and developed by Swiss engineers and dermatologists, the Sonic System comes with a unique oval-shaped head who's two different bristle types, both stiff and soft, angle towards the tip. This allows for more effective cleansing by customizing your bristle types to the area of your skin it would be most effective on. The brush is also completely waterproof, which means you can use it right in the shower or bath as part of your cleansing routine. 

The bristles have a unique anti-microbial coating, similar to the coating used on Clinique's makeup brushes, to help prevent the growth and development of bacteria. Each bristle is also rounded at the tip to make it soft and gentle on the skin during cleansing. 

The brush has an average of about 3 hours of use from each full charge, which equates to about 180 minutes, total. The brush will run for 30 seconds at a time before turning itself off, with recommended use being 30 - 60 seconds depending on skin type and personal preference. This means you can get roughly three months use out of the brush before needing to charge again.

The brush head is recommended to be replaced every three months as the bristles will break down over time. Brush head replacements are available for $29 CAD ($26 USD), similarly priced to other brush head replacements on the market. 

Using this brush I've found my skin to be cleaner, smoother and clearer than manual washing alone. I also found the same results in a cleanse as the Clarisonic Mia2, with less irritation to my skin overall. I loved the results of my Clarisonic brush but found sometimes the oscillating bristles could almost tug at my skin, especially if I had a beard at the time. 

The Sonic System doesn't rotate, it only vibrates, which is much gentler on my skin and provides that same deep cleanse I was enjoying from the Clarisonis Mia2. I've found it's makeup removing skills to be a bit sub-par if you're wearing anything beyond a bit of powder or a tinted moisturizer. I let my clarifying lotion and cotton pad be my guide. If I'm still seeing makeup on my cotton pad after I clarify I know that I need to use a makeup remover before I cleanse. Also this is NOT recommended for the eye area, you must use a separate eye makeup remove before hand. 

This is a fantastic product, especially given its price point. It provides you with safe, effective cleansing and a deeper cleanse than manual washing alone can give. I highly recommend visiting a Clinique counter to try it out for yourself. Some counters even offer a 'Sonic Facial' which is a trial of the brush in a facialing cabine or directly at the counter. 

Overall I recommend the Sonic System given the results I've seen. It is effective for all skin types and gentle enough to use twice a day. Let me know what sort of cleansing system you use in the comments below! Do you manually cleanse? Do you use a brush of any sort? What's your favourite cleansing system/routine?