Supervisory Board Committees

The Supervisory Board of Telefonica Deutschland Holding AG has installed the following standing committees; an Audit Committee, a Remuneration Committee, a Mediation Committee, a Nomination Committee and a Related Party Transactions Committee. The composition of the standing committees is as follows:
Committees of the Supervisory Board
Audit Committee
-Michael Hoffmann (Chairperson)
-Patricia Cobían González
-Martin Butz
-Thomas Pfeil
Key committee in charge of monitoring the accounting process, the efficiency of the internal control systems, the risk management system and the internal audit system and for review of the annual accounts as well as compliance
Remuneration Committee
-Sally Anne Ashford (Chairperson)
-María García-Legaz Ponce
-Claudia Weber
-Dr. Jan-Erik Walter
Key committee in charge of preparation of all Management Board compensation topics and respective recommendations for the Supervisory Board in this regard
Mediation Committee
-Peter L?scher (Chairperson)
-Julio Linares Lopéz
-Christoph Braun
-Christoph Heil
The legally required committee recommends Management Board candidates to the Supervisory Board provided that no sufficient agreement to available candidates could be achieved
Nomination Committee
-Patricia Cobián González (Chairperson)
-Peter L?scher
-Pablo de Carvajal González
Committee recommends to the Supervisory Board suitable candidates for the shareholder side for the election proposal to the annual general meeting
Related Party Transactions Committee
-Michael Hoffmann (Chairman)
-Sally Anne Ashford
-Christoph Braun
-Pablo de Carvajal González
-Thomas Pfeil
The committee monitors and passes resolutions on certain transactions with related parties, especially on related party transactions pursuant to sec. 111 a, b Stock Corporation Act