Contact for investors

Please understand that the Investor Relations department will only answer questions related with the Telefónica Deutschland share. Contact for institutional investors: Contact for retail investors: Phone: +49 89 2442 1010 (Investor Relations team) Fax: +49 89 2442 2000 (Investor Relations team) Contact for the electronic submission of voting rights notifications: E-Mail service Register now for our Investor Relations E-Mail service in order to be informed about current publications on our website. Follow us on Twitter Investor Relations: @TEFD_IR

Are you a customer?

Contact to O2 for customers in Germany: +49 89 7879 7940 0 (Costs according to your tariff to the german fixed net) Contact to Blau, BASE, Fonic, netzclub and AY YILDIZ.
Christian Kern Director Investor Relations
Marion Polzer, CIRO Head of Investor Relations
Saskia Puth Office Manager Investor Relations
Eugen Albrecht Senior Investor Relations Officer
Abigail Gooren Investor Relations Officer
Pia Hildebrand Investor Relations Officer